Major Features of the Earth

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  • Features of the Oceans
    • Continental Shelf
      • Although below sea level, the shelf is part of the continent
    • Continental Slope
      • steeper slope of the continental margin between the edge of the shelf and where it merges into the abyssal plain
      • Sediments are transported down the slope of the continental margin by turbidity currents
    • Abyssal Plain
      • Deep Ocean Basin 3-5km deep
      • covered by thin beds of fine grained, slowly deposited pelagic sediment
        • PELAGIC  is organisms living in, and sediment deposited from, the main body of sea water
      • the area has no earthquakes
      • thicker deposits of coarser sediment is carried by turbidity currents
    • Deep Sea Trench
      • Very deep (up to 11km)
      • elongated submarine valley occuring at the edges of the oceans
      • Shallow-focus earthquakes
    • Seamounts
      • Submarine basalt volcano rising at least 1000m above ocean floor without reaching sea level
      • Some are topped by coral atoll
      • A seamount with an eroded top is called a GUYOT


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