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  • Farming
    • Pesticide disadvantage-s
      • Accumulate in food chains, killing predators
      • Harm organisms that are not pests
      • Persistant-take time to become harmless
    • Biological control
      • Living organisms to control pests
        • Ladybirds eat aphids
        • Do not need replacing once introduced
        • Can be pests, may not work e.g. cane toads
        • Affect sources of food- unexpected results
    • Intensive farming-efficient producing large yield cheaply, animal cruelty
      • Low energy transfer-less energy on heat, more on growth
    • Organic farming
      • Crop rotation-nitrogen fixing crops
      • Vary seed planting times
      • Avoids expensive fertilisers, but produce is smaller
    • Hydroponics-recycle aerated water containing minerals without water
      • Useful in barren soil or low rainfall areas
        • Better control over soil disease
        • Grow many plants in a small space


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