Family Relationships

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  • Family relationships
    • Point One
      • “The marriage night is the entrance into some prison” (1:1)
      • “You assume that I’m in something I want to get out of” (Sc 4)
    • Point Two
      • “Twill poison your fame” (1:1)
      • “Acts like an animal, has an animal’s habits … something subhuman” (Sc 4)
    • Point Three
      • “I'll assure you you shall get no more children till my brothers consent to be your gossips” (3:2)
      • “Don't mention the baby. I haven't said anything yet, i'm waiting until she gets in a quieter condition” (Sc 2)
    • Point Four
      • Ferdinand’s slight incestual desires towards his sister
      • “If you wasn’t my wife’s sister I’d get ideas about you” (Sc 2)
  • Streetcar
    • Malfi


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