**** of The Lock Background Context

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  • **** the Lock Context
    • Published in 1712 in 2 cantos and then enlarged to 5 cantos in 1714.
    • The poem is about the quarrel of two welathy families.
      • in 1711 a young nobleman called Lord Petre, cut off a lock of hair from on of the most celebrated young women in London society, Arabella Fermor.
      • The Fermor family took the matter so seriously it became embarrassing to others.
    • The two families were Catholic, in a protestant country.
      • Pope's friend, John Caryll, asked Pope (Catholics) to try and defuse the situation by making them realise how ridiculous it was to destroy a relationship over a lock.
    • The poem created a mock-herioc framework of the event and elevated the quarral laughing both families together.


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