Family diversity

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  • Family diversity
    • Sexuality
      • Egalitarian relationships:where children are more tolerant and parents have joint conjugal roles. (Dunne)
      • Chosen families: there isn’t a higher degree of choice in how they organise themselves. (Weeks et al)
    • Culture
      • Primary socialisation: children should be obedient and respectful as parents know what’s best for their children regardless of age. They should also learn their mother tongue and understand/practice their religion. (Ghumman)
      • Family structure: Pakistani and Bangladeshi individuals are more likely to marry and have more children earlier but are less likely to divorce or live aloneness than the white British. (Bethound and  beishon)
    • Social class
      • Role should within the home: women may be house wives which is low status Andrew isolating. The middle class are more likely to be egalitarian because they have well paid jobs. (Oakley)
      • Values taught in primary socialisation: middle class are taught high culture which gives them an cultural capital that aids their education. (Bordieu)


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