Family- Carol Ann Duffy

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  • Family
    • Brothers
      • Structure
        • 4 stanzas of quatrains
          • Reflects subject matter of the 4 brothers
      • Context
        • Little biographical knowledge about Duffy
          • Very private woman
      • Language
        • 'Once, I slept in a bed with these four men'
        • 'I say. They grin and nod.'
        • 'I shall pay for a box and watch them shoulder it.'
    • Before You Were Mine
      • Context
        • Entirely autobiographical
        • References to Marilyn Monroe
      • Structure
        • demotic style and free verse
          • More authentic
      • Language
        • 'whose small bites on your neck, sweetheart?'
        • 'Stamping stars from the wrong pavement'
        • 'I see you, clear as scent
  • 'dress blowing round your legs. Marilyn.'


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