Families and Households - Increase in family diversity

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  • Explaining the long term increase in family diversity
    • Late modernism
      • Negotiated relationships are more work today - people prefer to be single
      • It's not just about choice - structural, economic and social changes make the nuclear family less attractive
    • Postmodern
      • Same factors as relating to declining marriage and increasing divorce
      • Individuals less constrained by religion and tradition
      • Less stigma around single parent families and step parent families
      • Reflects greater individual choice in postmodern society
    • Economic Factors
      • Increasing wealth explains long term increase in single parent families
      • Rising house costs and general cost of living
        • explains recent increase in  multi generational and kidult families
    • Feminism - changing gender roles
      • Women establishing careers before marriage - more single parent families
      • Most women now work and can afford to leave marriage and form single parent families
    • The New Right
      • See the decline of nuclear families as part of a wider moral decline
      • Blame welfare policies for encouraging single parent families
    • Social Policies
      • Equal pay act
      • Welfare
      • Divorce act


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