Modern Family

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  • Modern Family
    • Family diversity
      • Rapports argue that family diversity is a feature of modern society
      • Nuclear family has declined in the uk over 40 years
      • Now a pluralistic society with more diversity
    • 5 family types
      • Organisational
        • Difference in way family roles are organised
      • Cultural
        • Differences in cultural, religious and ethic groups have different structures
      • Social
        • difference in family structure partly the result of income differences between households or social classes
      • Life stage
        • Structure differed according to the stage reached in life cycle, newly wed, widow etc
      • Generational
        • Older and younger generations have different attitudes and experiences that reflect historical periods in which they have lived
    • Neo-conventional
      • Increased family diversity but not significant as others make out
        • Importance of family diversity exaggerated
      • Its a nuclear family but with a division of labour between men and women
        • Dual- earner family
      • nuclear family is still the family to aspire to


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