Factors that increase the risk of CVD (inc CHD)

Mind map with the risk factors that increase the risk of gaining CVD (and CHD). I got my revision information from, 'CGP AS-Level Biology, the Revision guide'. The ISBN is: 978 1 84762 121 4

Hope my mind map helps :)

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  • Factors that increase the risk of CVD
    • DIET
      • Increase risk of damage to the walls - increase risk of atheroma formation
      • Factors that increase blood pressure: excessive alcohol consumption, stress, unhealthy diet
      • Carbon monoxide combines with haemoglobin in the blood, reducing the amount of oxygen going to the tissues
      • If heart does not recieve enough oxygen - heart attack
        • If brain does not recieve enough oxygen - stroke
      • Nictotine in cigarettes makes platelets sticky - increases chance of blood clots (thrombosis)
      • Smoking reduces the amount of antioxidants in the blood - these protect the cells from damage
        • Fewer antioxidants mean cell damage in arteries is more likely to occur - atheroma formation
      • Lack of exercise increases blood pressure - increase risk of damage to the artery walls - atheroma
      • Some people imherit perticular allels that cause high blood pressure/ high blood cholesterol
    • AGE
      • The risk of developing CVD increases with age
    • GENDER
      • Men are 3x more likley to develop CVD than pre-menopausal women


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