Factors responsible for coastal processes & landforms

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  • Factors responsible for coastal processes & landforms
    • Coastline factors
      • Rock type; soft rocks erode more easily by wave processes but this adds to the load.
      • Structure; Rocks which are poorly consolidated are more likely/easy to erode. Hard rocks need weaknesses before they can be eroded.
      • Trend of coast;discordant or concordant. Rocks outcrop at various angles in discordant coastlines.
      • Human factors; Are coastlines sufficiently protected? Cliff top erosion-Stress from human activities on top of cliffs which cause landslides.
    • Wave factors
      • Wave shape; either constructive (little backwash so deposits material) or destructive (strong backwash so more potential of erosion).
      • Wave size; larger waves tend to plunge and so, they erode.
      • Fetch; the longer the fetch=greater energy (more potential for erosion).
      • Roughness; friction between the wave and the seabed slows waves down so has potential to increase deposition, preventing erosion.
      • Depth; Deep water is less likely to deposit as it will have more power (currents) to erode, especially during storm events.
      • Tide; large tidal range leads to deposition especially within shallow  water.


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