Factors affecting location

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  • Factors affecting location
    • Type of business
      • Superstore will be in centre of town for easy access for customers
      • surfing shop will need to be close to the beach
      • The type of business will depend on their location
    • Availability and costs of labour
    • Available Locations
      • May be more accessible  for customers
      • Closer to supplier
    • Transport links
    • Costs
      • may have limited funds available
      • Might not be able to afford the place
    • Technology
      • May need specialist software
      • May need good phone and internet signal
    • Competitors
      • Wont want to be too close to competitiors
    • Availability of raw materials




This is an excellent mind map for an outline of the factors affecting the location of a business. It can be extended in some areas which would also provide useful revision.



its a yes from me mate

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