Producing Goods & Services

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  • Producing Goods & Services
    • Goods & Services
      • distinguish between goods & services
      • Private sector and public sector
      • economic systems
      • the trends in the service sector
    • International Trade
      • importance
      • multinationals set up in the UK
      • identify what businesses face in the global market
    • Effective use of resources
      • How waste can be minimised
      • The importance and impacts of quality
      • How to improve quality
    • Location
      • Factors affecting location of the production unit and retailing
    • Business Growth
      • Construct, interpret a break even chart and analyse the effects on break-even chart of changes in cost and/or prices
      • explain why businesses grow  and why some remain small
      • How they grow - internal/external growth
    • The EU
      • Importance of membership
      • issues regarding the single european currency from stakeholders
      • No tariffs between member countries
    • Methods of production
      • specialisation
      • division of labour
        • How they impact efficiency
          • specialisation


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