Factors Affecting Discharge

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  • factors affecting discharge
    • Impermeable Rocks
      • e.g granite and soil (e.g clay) will not allow water to pass through
        • large amounts of surface run off and  greater flood risks
    • permeable rocks
      • high infiltration capacity and will reduce overland flow
    • steep gradient drainage basin
      • greater overland flow
    • heavy rain
      • if the soul has already been saturated by heavy rain there is a reduced infiltration capacity
    • slow light rain
    • impermeable man made surfaces
      • such as concrete or tarmac will result in higher discharge
        • due to higher amounts of surface run off
    • vegetated areas
      • help to reduce flood risk through infiltration
    • dry soil
      • able to absorb more water therefore slower increase of discharge
    • temperature
      • hot-more evaporation therefore more discharge
        • cold- little transpiration therefore increased discharge


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