Factors increasing the risk from natural hazards

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  • Factors increasing the risk from natural hazards
    • Farming:
      • River floods and this deposits fertile silt on its floodplain, useful for farming
      • People living there are putting themselves at risk
      • In low- lying countires many people may live on floodplains
    • Climate Change
      • In a warmer world the atmosphere will have more energy leading to more intense storms and hurricanes
      • Climate change may cause some parts of the world to become wetter and therefore an increased risk of flooding
      • other areas may become drier and prone to droughts/ famines
    • Poverty
      • In poorer parts of the world, people may be forced to live in areas at risk of natural hazards
      • True for areas like, Lima in Peru or Caracas in Venezuela
        • Shortages of housing has led to people building unstable houses on slopes, prone to floods and landslides.
    • Urbanisation
      • over 50% of the worlds population live in cities
        • Cities like, Tokyo,Istanbul and Los Angeles are at risk of earthquakes
          • In 2010, Haiti earthquake destroyed much of the capital Port- Au-Prince killing  230,000 people
      • Densely populated urban areas are at risk from natural events like earthquakes and tropical cyclones


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