Eyam - The Village and Spread

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  • Eyam ~   1665-66
    • August 1665 - arrival.
      • Arrived through the arrival of a parcel of cloth sent from London to the village tailor, Alexander Hadfield.
      • When opening the parcel the assistant, George Viccars, found the cloth to be damp so opened it up and spread near the fire to dry.
      • The cloth was infested with fleas who were carrying the bubonic plague. Viccars became ill and died within 5 or 6 days. Registers state burial on 7th September 1665.
    • September - October.
      • Viccars was first known fatality in Eyam but infection spread rapidly and in 3 weeks there were 5 deaths. 22 Sep - Edward Cooper, 23 Sept - Peter Hawksworth, 26 Sept - Thomas Thorpe, 30 Sept - Mary Thorpe (12), 30 Sept - Sarah Syddall.
      • October there were 23 deaths so total of 29 by end of month. Those who could afford to fled and about 50 individuals left.
    • Winter.
      • Cold weather made the spread slow down. Common for bubonic plague as rat population declined.
      • Once warmer weather returned in Spring rats increased. April 1666 total no of deaths were 73.
    • Spring.
      • June, no of deaths rose above 20. July - 56 deaths. August - 78. Sept and October - deaths began to fall. November - single plague death recorded.


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