Extract from, The Prelude - Language

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  • Extract from, The Prelude - Language
    • "(led by her)"
      • unclear who "her" is.
      • nature is personified as a woman. it shows the relative powerlessness of human beings
    • "Small circles glittering idly in the moon,"
      • personification: idle means lazy.
      • tranquil image
      • metaphor
      • present participle shows continuity of nature
      • almost magical beauty of nature
    • "huge peak, black and huge"
      • he is overcome by a cowardly fear
      • nature is described as becoming terrifying and troubling for this young man as it is his first time experiences the threatening side to nature
      • Changes from peaceful and gentle to being overwhelming and intimidating.
      • Overwhelmed by the surroudings. The hills feel threatening and the tone changes and becomes negative.
      • Negative tone
      • Nature is very powerful and can impact the emotions of Wordsworth both positively and negatively.
      • repetition of huge reveals that the physical appearance of the mountain overwhelmed the narrator.
      • Wordsworth describes nature as fearsome, overpowering and inexplicable as nature is dominating him revealing the superiority of nature.
    • "upreared its head. I struck and struck again, and growing still in stature the grim shape"
      • he may be trying to explore how nature is both threatening and transcendently beautiful, an idea the Romantics called ‘the sublime.’
      • "upreared its head.
        • personification shows taking on human characteristics
        • In Wordsworths personification of the mountain as animalistic,  Wordsworth suggests there is something monstrous within nature
        • the mountain is more bigger and more authorities revealing how nature is a threatening aggressive force
        • it is describing a rock's shadow  that he mistakes for a monsters.
      • "struck", "struck", "still", "stature" and "shape"
        • sibilance makes image more vivid
        • stature-posture
      • "and growing still in stature the grim shape"
        • the present participle "growing" emphasises mountain growing
      • "I struck and struck again"
        • the repetition reveals the domineering force of nature as a lot of force is required to combat against nature.
        • violent language. conflict between man and nature
        • creates a scene of panic and fear.
        • This aliteration and repition emphasis' that when the poet is rowing away from the mountain more and more of it comes into view. The mountain is getting bigger and makes this sound like a nightmare.
      • the repetition of "struck" reveals the domineering force of nature as a lot of force is required to combat against nature
    • " I unloosed her chains"
      • Seems troubled as he is imagining himself with someone - he seens rebellious and assertive.
      • Personification
      • Untying the boat - memory of a past event - feels confident and positive about slipping away in the evening to row this stolen boat.
    • "proud of his skill"
      • Accomplished as a rower, he feels free at this point and goes willingly into the water.
      • Seems relaxed and that there is no danger.
      • suggests he is overconfident and perhaps arrogant
    • "heaving like a swan"
      • Hard work and although it may look elegant and graceful this implies that it takes effort to move through the water.
      • Fooled by the effortlessness of the actions of nature and of rowing.
      • Embracing nature and the beauty around him and appreciating the moment - romantic period reference.
      • Juxtaposing
      • natural simile reveals he is confident and in control


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