Extract from, The Prelude by William Wordworth

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  • Extract from, The Prelude by William Wordsworth
    • Emotions
      • power
      • masculinity
      • vulnerability, towards the end he is scared and afraid
      • arrogance, at the beginning, he thinks that he has the power
      • childlike
    • Language
      • arrogant and powerful language
      • later on more subtle and calmer language
      • puberty??
      • "huge peak, black and huge"
      • "unloosed her chain"
      • "covert of the willow tree"
      • "between me and the stars"
      • "struck and struck again"
    • Context
      • born in 1770
      • he made his debut as a writer at the age of 17
      • he first published a sonnett
      • he started writing the prelude in 1798
      • finished it in 1805
    • Conflicts
      • power of nature
      • power of humans
      • puberty
      • growing up
    • Past and Present
      • at the beginning, he is strong and not affected by anything
      • at the end he is scared and strongly effected
      • throughout, his emotions and his maturity changes
      • an audience reading it now recognises the language
      • emotional
    • Form and Structure
      • blank verse- unrhymed iambic pentameter
      • regular rhythm
      • change in tone throughout
      • first person narrative
      • enjambment and caesura
      • heavy use of repetition


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