Extending the Franchise

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  • Extending the Franchise
    • The Franchise is the right to vote- those who hold the Franchise are eligible to vote in Elections
      • Frnchise in the UK is currently for anyone over 18 who is not a Criminal, mentally incapeable or a Peer
        • This is known as Universal Sufferidge
        • Aproximatley 71.5% of the current UK Population can vote
    • The Argument for Extending the Franchise
      • The Growth in Franchise shows how Democracy has changed  as well as changing attitiudes to class, gender and age
      • The extension means that groups of society that were previously excluded now have a greater, more equal say in British Politics
      • The argument is that those who pay taxes should be able to have a say on how their taxes are spent
    • The Growth in the Franchise
      • 1918 Voting rights extended to all men over 21 and all women over 30
        • The Representation of the Peole Act  1918
      • 1867 Voting right extended to skilled workers
      • 1928 Voting rights extended to all women over 21
        • The Representation of the People Act 1928
      • 1832  Voting rights extedned to Property owners
        • The Great Reform Act
      • 1969 Voting rights extended to everyone over the age of 21
        • The Representation of the People Act 1960
    • The Great Reform Act 1832
      • Before 1832 the right to vote was limited to the Upper classes
        • This was becuase the vote was based on the amount of land you owned
      • The Industrial Revolution meant that people moved to the cities which meant that owning large amounts of land was less common
      • The Middle Classes had emerged as the Dominant economic force yet they were unrepresented in society
      • The Act extended the vote to over 300,000 people as it was based on the value of Property rather than land
    • The Representation of the People Act 1918
      • By this time women from all backgrounds had more oppertunities to earn money and therefore pay taxes
      • Women had proven themselves to be independant and capeable and deserved the vote due to their war effort


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