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    • Evaulate the arguments in favour of extending the vote to prisoners.
      • Removal of the vote make the prisoner a non-person and further alienates them from society
      • There is no evidence that the loss of the franchise acts as a deterrent
      • The right to vote is fundamental and cannot be removed
      • The denial of the right to vote removes a sense of civic responsibility, making rehabilitation harder
      • The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the blanket ban on prisoners is a violation of the Human Rights Act
    • Evaluate the arguments in favour of extending the vote to 16 year olds.
      • Votes at 16 would be consistent with other areas of responsibility. 16 year olds can marry, join the armed forces and consent to medical treatment.
      • There is a need to reduce the political alienation of young people who are likely to be as aware of issues at 16 as they would be at 18 and might feel that their views do not matter if they cannot vote.
      • Young people may well have better knowledge of issues than some older people
      • It is important to increase turnout at elections. In the 1964 general election the youngest age group turned out to vote as strongly as other age groups but this has changed.
      • We already accept 16-year-olds are able to make rational long-term decisions because we allow them to work full-time, join the Army, and pay tax.


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