Conservatives favour pragmatism over principle. Discuss

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  • Conservatives favour pragmatism over principle. Discuss
    • One Nation
      • As social inequality deepens, so does threat of revolution from masses
      • 1867 welfare act extending franchise to WC and improved education
      • Follows Burke's pragmatic 'change in order to conserve'
      • Pragmatism for interests of rich
      • BUT also principled association, with obligations that come with wealth and power
      • Disraeli noblesse oblige to stem tide
    • Traditional Conservatives
      • Humans are intellectually imperfect
        • Oakeshott 'boundless and bottomless'
        • Humans are unpredictable so need to stick to what we know
        • Prefer to ground ideas in tradition and experience
        • Ideas like 'equality' 'social justice' dangerous as provide unknown blueprint for society
      • Organic society
        • Society is more than the sum of its parts
        • Each bit has vital role in function
        • Developed out of necessity
    • NeoLiberal
      • Disagree w/ tradition as prevents indv from advancing in society
      • Principled belief in economic liberty and the free market
      • Likely to endorse radical reform
      • Some still see it as pragmatic, motivated by failure of Keynesian economics to deliver sustained economic growth
    • NeoConservatve
      • Strong pragmatic emphasis on family
      • Tough law and order to fight social breakdown
      • Adheres to keeping natural hierarchy


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