Explanations of Secularisation

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  • Explanations of Secularisation
    • Max Weber: Rationalisation
      • Martin Luther's Protestant Reformation begun the process of rationalisation
      • Bruce: Technological Worldview
        • Misfortune is explained away as coincidence or scientific failure, leaving no room for religious explanations. The Technological  Worldview encourages people to take religion less seriously.
      • Disenchantment
        • Weber believed that the Protestant Reformation saw that magic and superstition were replaced by reason. Science begins to dominate as a means of explaining the world. People become disenchanted  undermining the religious worldview.
    • Parsons: Structural Differentiation:
      • Religion's role has been specialised, as other institutions have replaced its' functions, disconnecting it from wider society. Modern states accept that the state shouldn't be identified with one particular faith.
      • Bruce states that religion has become privatised. Religious beliefs are a matter of personal choice; religious institutions have lost their influence on wider society.
    • Social and cultural diversity
      • Bruce claims that industrialisation undermines the consensus of religious beliefs. Social and geographical mobility breaks up communities, creating diversity. The plausibility of beliefs is undermined by alternatives.
      • Criticisms
        • Aldridge states:            -Religion can be a source of global identity e.g: Hinduism and Islam        -Some religious communities are 'imagined' interacting through global media.             -Pentecostal and other religious groups often flourish in impersonal areas.


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