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  • Secularisatio
    • Definition
      • The process of religious decline as scientific knowledge and industrialisation grows
    • Aspects of secularisation
      • Disengagement = Loss of faith
      • Rationalisation = Rise of more rational explanation
        • Rise of pluralism/  diversity:  individualization
        • More choice- Pick and Mix / Spiritual Shopping
    • Brian Wilson
      • The process whereby religious thinking practice and institutions lose social signification
        • Lee church control over the state
    • Steve Bruce
      • There is no one secularisation theory, rather there are cluster of descriptions and explanations that go together well
    • Jose Casanova
      • Distinguishes between 2 general approaches to defining secularisation
        • An emphasis on the declining importance of religion in terms oft the social structure and the significance of religion the separation of religion life from the public sphere  so that it becomes a private matter
    • Marx
      • It inevitable due to the coming of socialism
      • Religion would die as Capitalism is overthrown


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