Business Studies

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  • Expanding a business
    • Expansion can be measured in different ways; these are a few of them:
      • Sales
      • Profits
      • Capital invested
      • Output
      • How many employees the company have.
      • Number of outlets or locations
      • Value of the business
      • Market share
    • Businesses will also use organic (internal) and external growth to expand a business.
      • Organic growth
        • Organic growth: "expansion from within a business by expanding the number and/ or range of products and/ or locations."
        • Designing and developing new product ranges.
        • e-commerce
        • franchising
        • new product development.
        • production capacity.
        • outsourcing
        • New skills for employees, address new technology.
        • Franchising: when a company expands by giving other firms the right to sell its products.
      • External growth.
        • Mergers
        • Takeovers


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