OCR Business Studies Case Study - Areas to Revise

This is a basic list of areas which I am revising. I am basing my revision around this list, which lists topics which are covered in the case study. It is highly likely that questions on these topics WILL come up.

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OCR Business Studies
Case Study
This information is for the June 2009 business studies case study: Knights and Daze.
The areas to revise are based upon information in the case study.
The External Environment of Business
Business ethics ­ the cost of cutting jobs on the area. The social cost (e.g. when workers
lose their jobs, they stop spending money in other businesses therefore other businesses
are affected, and visual pollution from the abandoned factory), and the bad publicity upon
the business from the closure.
Business Structure and Organisation
Advantages and disadvantages of partnerships.
Advantages and disadvantages of being a private limited company.
Costs ­ variable, fixed, total, running, overheads.
Profit and loss account ­ what has happened to the finance of a business over a period of
Balance sheets.
Changes in the UK from secondary to tertiary.
Movement of production to cheaper foreign countries.
Chain of production.
Organisation charts.
Quality control and quality assurance (making sure a product is of good quality).
Job production, batch production, flow production.
Research and development.
Branding (logo).
Price, Promotion, Place, Product (the 4 p's.)
E-commerce (change in trend, must keep up with competitors).
Research (field and desk)
People in Business
Recruitment ­ job descriptions, person specifications, adverts, needs analysis, recruitment
Aiding and Controlling Business Activity
International trade within the EU ­ exchange rate, language issues.
Advantages of international trade are an enlarged market and common standards.
These research points are of possible areas which could come up. ALL are covered in
the OCR Business Studies for GCSE textbook.

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I cannot guarantee that no other topics will be covered but these are the main ones
which can be found within the case study. This is the list I am using to base my
revision around.…read more


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