Exercise of power by the main bodies in Germany 1871

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  • Exercise of power in Germany 1871
    • Army
      • Wore their military uniform in public to show how formal they were
      • Their needs were put first and the highest virtues in Germany, were military ones.
      • Had the right to declare martial law (army law)
      • Had personal loyalty to the Kaiser
      • It was the biggest out of 4 in the German State
      • Autocratic
    • The Prussian Dominance
      • They had 60% of its population and 2/3 of Germany's territory
      • The Kaiser was in charge of everything
      • Chancellor was Prime Minister of Prussia
      • Difficult to distinguish between Prussian and German
      • Autocratic
    • Bismark as Imperial Chancellor
      • Had no ministers who could challenge him
      • Had no imperial cabinet
      • However state secretaries could talk to the Kaiser without his permission
        • Bismark's son was secretary of state of F.O
      • Mainly autocratic but also a little democratic
    • Reichstag
      • Had control over the defense budget
      • Passed an annual budget
      • Could reject or approve legislation
      • More democratic as they had control over the people but was elected by them
    • Emperor Wilhelm
      • Had power over the chancellor but was content on leaving power to Bismark
      • Could dissolve the Reichstag
      • Controlled foreign policy
      • Autocratic


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