Memory- EWT anxiety studies

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  • EWT- anxiety studies
    • Loftus: weapon focus effect.
      • 2 conditions: 1) Man holding pen with grease on hands. 2) Man holding paper knife covered in blood. Participants asked to identify man from 50 photos
        • Condition 1= 49% accurate.Condition 2= 33% accurate
          • Suggests weapon distracted eye witnesses away from face. Meta- analysis shows weapon does reduce EW accuracy
    • Loftus and Burns: 2 conditions: 1) violent film- boy shot in face. 2) non-violent short film of a crime
      • P's less accurate in condition 1 recall. Supports Loftus (anxiety leads to less accurate recall)
    • Christianson
      • 58 real witnesses than had been threatened more accurate than onlookers even 15 months on.
        • Contradiction explained by Deffenbacher
          • Performance improves with arousal to a point then further increases lead to a decrease in accuracy (Yerkes-Dodson law)


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