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  • Evolution
    • Religion
      • conflct largely institutional struggle and focal point = education reform
        • Huxley v Wilberforce,
      • Asa Grey and Kingsley (Water Babies) support = glorifying God
      • Morallity naturalised? Soul? = worries of Lyell and Sedgwick
    • Humanity
      • Hunt, pro-slavery and imperialist
      • Mans status: one species? animal?
        • ***** Question parallel woman question
        • Ethnological = Prichard, monogenism, Quaker, progressive
        • Anthropological = Hunt, physical, polygenist, racist, imperialist, anti-Darwin
    • Popular
      • Vestiges
        • evolution now on table, worries = questioned both religious and secular authorities
          • Popularisation tension = gathering support while maintaining authority
            • terms elite and amateur forming through this struggle
      • Punch Monekyana poem
        • Owen v Huxley = public sphere
      • Owen v Huxley = public sphere
    • Nature as a Political Tool
      • Radicalism
        • Lamarck, notion of self-improvement, rising up of working-classes
      • Conservatism
        • Malthus, natural justification for 1834 New Poor Law
        • (Liberal approach) 'Improve' working-class, SDUK, Mechanic's Institutes
      • Huxley, educational reform
      • Hunt, pro-slavery and imperialist
      • Fed into existing debates
      • Bridgewater Treastise, 1833, science as compatible with the status quo
    • Darwin
      • Inspiration = Humboldt travel, Herschell vocation, Lyell gradualism, Paley adaptation, Malthus political economy, Whewell philosophy
      • Social resources = cambridge connection to Admiralty, Apes, Vestiges, position within Royal Society and Geological Society, ****** at Kew, gentleman image
    • Progress
      • Degeneration? Terrors of France, dangerous notions, poverty, Malthus address issue
      • Time more prominent role in theories = geology, cosmology, evolution
      • Steam engine, electrical display = public faced with fruits of science


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