Evidence and Excavation of Pompeii

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  • Evidence and Excavation
    • Early discovery
      • first 150 years of excavation many items found at the site were sold to the nobility of Europe
      • No records were kept of what was found where.
      • The archaeologists to no care to preserve the things they didn't believe were valuable
    • Proper excavations
      • Proper excavations began in 1748
      • People now actually wanted to reconstruct pompeii
      • However the archaeologist still did not take enough care
    • Guiseppe Fiorelli
      • 1863 Fiorelli was placed in charge of the excavations
      • He found it important to keep track of what was being found where and developed a method where archaeologists had to record what they found and where
      • He divided the town in regiones. He divided the Regio up into insulae (Block of houses)
      • Best known for taking plaster casts of bodies in pompeii


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