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Pompeii was destroyed by a cataclysmic volcano eruption in 79AD
The destruction was a great gift for later historians as it was a town frozen in time by the way it
was buried
It gives us a big indication of what everyday life was like for the romans

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- After a few hours buildings started to collapse under the weight
Archaeologists have discovered some bodies of people who were killed at this stage of the
eruption either by the collapse of buildings or by being hit directly by falling rocks
However a small minority of the population decided…

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The forum was situated in the southwest of the town near the gate which led to the harbour
It was like a modern day city centre and it was where much of the city's life took place
- Politicians came to speak and win influence
- Many people met socially…

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At the south end of the forum were five buildings which formed the political heart of the
government of Pompeii.
These consisted of 3 munipal offices for the town councillors
- The Basilicaa law court and business centre
- The Comitium, a polling station where the towns elections were held…

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On its outside there are no shops adjoining to its high walls, nor did the house have a tablinum
Both of these facts suggest that the brothers were so wealthy that they didn't need to earn
money from clients
The house's entrance is famous for its painting of the god…

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- In addition to the statuette of the dancing faun and the Alexander mosaic, the house
contained many other impressive works of art, including mosaics depicting sea
creatures, scenes of the rive Nile and a cat carrying a dead bird in its mouth
It is not clear who owned the…

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The bath houses were founded by the government (while this might seem generous it was in
everybody's interest that people had a basic level of hygiene to prevent the spread of disease)
Therefore the entrance to the baths was either free or cost very little
At the time of the…

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Drama came to the Romans from the Greek world and they were particularly keen on comedy
Their most famous playwright was Plautus whose plays typically contained a strong element of
farce and slapstick with actors playing stock characters from everyday Roman life
Most plots centre on the tricks of a…

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Famous actors could be hero worshipped in Pompeii
One actor called Paris is the subject of a number of graffiti including `Paris pearl of the stage'
while he even had a fan club which signed itself `the comrades of Paris'
In spite of this however most actors were looked down…



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