Evaluation of Therapies for Abnormality

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  • Evaluations of abnormality therapies.
    • Biological Therapies.
      • Drugs
        • Ease of use
        • Effectiveness
        • Placebo work just as well.
        • Tackles the symptoms, not the cause.
        • Side effects.
      • Electroconvulsive Therapy.
        • Effective
        • High relapse rate.
        • Not sure how it works.
        • Not as safe as drug therapies.
        • Side effects.
    • Behavioural Therapies.
      • Systematic Desensistilisation
        • Effective
        • Appropriate as it requires little effort on the patients part.
        • Doesn't treat anything other than phobias.
        • Ethical Issues
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapies.
      • REBT
        • Very effective
        • Treats a lot of disorders
        • Not time consuming.
        • Not many ethical issues.
        • Ineffective with SZ.
        • Cheaper methods are available.
        • One ethical issue may be that the client feels blames.
    • Psychodynamic therapies.
      • Psychoanalysis.
        • Effective
        • Works in the long term.
        • Expensive as it takes a lot of sessions.
        • Ethical issues.
        • Lots of stressful memories have to be brought up.


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