Evaluation of Multi-Store Model

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  • Evaluation of the Multi-Store Model
    • Weaknesses
      • It is simplistic and does not distinguish between levels in the LTM
      • Underemphasises interaction between stores (how long term memory influences the sensory store and STM
      • It does not account for flashbulb memories, which go straight to LTM, which is not linear
    • Strengths
      • There is empirical evidence - Glanzer and Cunitz - Serial Positions Effects which showed there are separate STM and LTM stores
      • Clive Wearing - Damaged his hippocampus (STM) however could remember things stored in LTM. e.g wife's name
      • Milner's Case - able to store info in STM by rehearsal however was unable to place new memories in LTM


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