Short Term Memory and Multi-Store Memory Model

Short Term Memory and Multi-Store Memory Model

I have compiled these notes as part of my AS Psychology course. The notes are a brief overview of Short Term Memory and the Multi-Store Model of Memory, and are part of the AQA Psychology A Specification.


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The Multi-Store Model of Memory and Short Term Memory
Short Term Memory
Baddeley researched with acoustically similar and dissimilar words and found that we learn
better acoustically with the dissimilar words.
Jacob's discovered the span digit of 7 + - 2 pieces of information for the capacity of the short
term memory. Miller then expanded on this research by the discovery of chunking
information together.
Peterson and Peterson researched the length of time that information stays in the short
term memory. They discovered that interference takes affect the amount of time something
is held; this research was carried out with the use of tri-grams.
Multi-Store Model of Memory
Echoic and Iconic Data In Rehearsing Information
Duration: 1 ­ 2 Seconds Duration: Less than 30 seconds Duration: Years or Lifetime
Attending to information Retrieval
1 AS Psychology

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Evaluation of the Multi Store Model of Memory
Influential Model; still used by psychologists today
Identifies the differences between the Short Term Memory and Long Term Memory
o K.F was involved in a motorbike accident ­ his Short Term Memory was
damaged however his Long Term Memory was not
K.…read more


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