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Sample Examination Answers: Memory
Discuss research into the multistore model of memory
Outline Evaluation
The multi store model of memory was put As well as the studies about capacity,
forward by Atkinson and Shriffin. duration and encoding, a study such as the
serial position curve in which the middle
The first store is the sensory store which group of a set of 20 words are recalled least
holds what is seen and heard for about 2 well is supporting evidence for the multistore
seconds before data is either passed on to the model. The explanation of the serial position
shortterm memory or lost. curve is that the middle set of words have at
recall left shortterm memory but have not
Studies suggest that short term memory has a been rehearsed into long term memory.
capacity of 7 +/2, duration of about 20
seconds and encoding which is mainly There is also a case study like that based on
acoustic. HM. After surgery, his longterm memory
was fine but he could not rehease short term
Rehearsal is a key aspect of the multistore memory into longterm memory, suggesting
model of memory. By rehearsal, material in that they are separate stores.
the shortterm memory is repeated until it
reaches the longterm memory. However, the serial position curve was the
result of a laboratory experiment so it lacked
Longterm memory is thought to have ecological validity. HM was a case study and
lifetime duration and unlimited capacity. so cannot be generalised.
Encoding in longterm memory is mostly
semantic ­ based on meaning of words. Also, the multistore model cannot explain
memory multitasking in the way that the
The figures for capacity, duration and working memory can explain it, and the
encoding are based on studies such as those mutlstore model is very passive, when
of Peterson and Peterson, who gave research suggests that short term memory is
participants a distracting task to prevent actively involved in memory tasks and does
rehearsal to establish duration in shortterm not just receive data passively.
memory, and Bahrick, who found that
particpants could put names to faces of The application of the multistore model is
people they had not seen for several decades, important as rehearsal is a very important skill
suggesting that longterm memory has for those, for example, who are taking
unlimited duration. examinations. However, even this application
is improved by other models which suggest
that revision is more effective when we are
actively involved in learning rather than just


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