Evaluation of psychological therapies for schizophrenia

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  • Evaluation of psychological therapies for schizophrenia
    • evidence for effectiveness
      • Jauhar et al reviews 34 studies of CBT and found CBT has a small but significant effect in positive and negative symptoms
        • McMonagle and Sultana
          • found only 3 studies in which participants were randomly allocated. None yielded useful information about behaviour change
      • Pharoah et al
    • Treatments improve quality of life but don't cure
      • CBT allows patients to make sense of and challenge symptoms
      • Family therapy helps reduce the stress of living with a sufferer
      • Token economies help make patients' behaviour more socially acceptable
      • failure to cure is a weakness of these treatments
    • Ethical issues
      • no serious side effects
      • CBT involves challenging thoughts, may be political
        • these are wweknesses
    • evaluation extra
      • studies are too pessimistic and don't involve control groups
      • art therapy also effective but not offered to many patients
  • family therapy reduces hospital readmission rates and improves quality of life
    • results of studies are inconsistent so evidence is weak
    • Pharoah et al


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