Evaluating the Strange Situation

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  • Evaluating the Strange Situation
    • Strengths:
      • It has provided a means by which attatchment can be studied
      • After classifying children using the **, their type can be correlated to other behaviours
      • Techniques for older children have been developed from the **.
    • Limitations
      • Ethiics- is it acceptable to cause mild distress to infants? 20% of infants cried desperately during seperation episodes
      • Validity: is the strange situation actually measuring what it intends to?
      • Ecological Validity: is it too artificial to relate to real life behavior?
      • Reliability: is the ** used in a constant consistent way?
      • Demand Characteristics: people might change their behavior if they know they're being measured
      • Main attachment figure: what if the mother isn't the main attachment figure?




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