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  • Euthanasia
    • Utilitarianism
      • Based on happiness rather than religion.
        • Focuses on Hedonic alculus than sanctity of life.
      • Mill - Focused on people who are still capable of higher pleasure
        • Acceptable to euthanise coma patients who are in a vegetative state.
    • Against
      • Against social/legal/religious/medical (Hippocratical oath) principles  based on not killing.
      • Legalisation leads to the "slippery slope" analogy - if euthanasia in legal to some countries why can't it be legal to every country.
        • Lead to evil motives
        • Switzerland as an example
      • Legalisation  is too complex to maintain and manage.
        • May lead to people not needing clinics and finding other methods of euthanasing since its legal.
    • For
      • Considered as humane and does not  allow unecessary suffering
      • Considers the choice of the individual and supports the rights of the individual.
      • Benefits both individual and others that are closely involved - preventing unnecessary physical and emotional pain.


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