Euthanasia scholars

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  • Euthanasia
    • Thomas More
      • Utopia- euthanasia for the terminally ill was an important part of a perfect society
    • Francis bacon
      • "When such mitigation may conduce  to recovery, but when it may serve to make a fair and easy passage"
    • Germanic Grisez and Joseph Boyle (personhood)
      • Cannot cease to be a person
      • Human beings are one- cannot distinguish between bodily and mentally alive
      • There are two certain goods  needed for well being which euthanasia puts against one another
        • Freedom and dignity against life and health
    • James Rachels
      • There is no difference between killing and letting die. Withdrawing treatment is cruel, prolonging pain and dying process
    • Daniel Maguire
      • Important to respect life but no one should be under an absolute rule to preserve it
      • To give God absolute control is to make us God's property
      • We intervene to save life, why not intervene to ensure a good death?
    • John Stuart Mill
      • If no one is affected by the decision, then the individual should have absolute autonomy
      • Need for the  individual to be of sound mind and to repeatedly request to end their life
    • Jack Kervorkian
      • Highest principle in medical ethics is personal autonomy- what the patient wants and deems important to their life is paramount
    • J. Locke
      • Libertarian- support complete autonomy


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