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  • Euthanasia
    • FOR
      • Doctors and nurses should focus on patients who have a chance of recovery.
      • It relieves the family of emotional and financial burdens.
      • Humans should have the right to choose when they die - freewill.
      • Expensive medical service being wasted.
      • Quality of life - the person might want to be remembered as the person they have always been, not suffering.
      • In some situations it is the most loving thing to end someone's life.
      • Animals lives are ended when they're in pain - why not humans?
      • People may recover and live.
      • People may feel pressurised into euthanasia because they feel like a nuisance.
      • Palliative care - treatment that ensures the end of a patient's life is as pain free as possible.
      • Sanctity of life - life is sacred.
      • "God gives life and God takes away life", humans do not possess the right.
      • Hospices are an alternative.
      • "Do not kill".


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