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  • Euthanasia
    • Sanctity of life
      • Made in Gods image and life is precious so we should not end it
      • Every human is given life by God (Life has intrinsic value, sacred, should be preserved
    • Quality of life
      • Peter Singer; Self awareness, conscience, rational thought, (autonomy) enjoyment
      • Sometimes life is not worth living, Singer believes some living humans are less than that of other humans
    • Types of Euthanasia
      • Non - Voluntary; Where a decision is made on someones behalf (persistent vegitive state, those mentally and physically unable to make conscious informed decision
      • Involuntary; decision is made with no consent at all (patient does not want to die)
      • Voluntary; an individual makes a choice (patient freely chooses to die)
      • Passive; Withdrawal from life prolonging treatment, death as a result (Legal in UK)
      • Active; Administrating something or causing death knowingly (illegal in UK)
    • Natural law
      • Sanctity of life
      • Taking your own life and others is immoral
      • Apparent good and sin
      • Precept, preservation of life
      • Primary and secondary precepts, eternal divine, natural and human laws
      • Doctrine of double effect
    • Situation ethics
      • Depends on situation, must gather information before choice
      • Euthanasia 'Death Control' comes with some dignity
      • Minimal IQ will need other to decide
      • Moral to end life for those who cannot end it themself
      • Moral to end suffering of those who will die
      • Think of Agape, 4 working principles, 6 propositions.
      • Think of whats best for individual, most loving thing


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