Ethnicity and Crime

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  • Ethnicity and Crime
    • Victimisation
      • 54,000 racist incidents - CSEW 89,000 are unreported
      • Mixed ethnic groups, blacks and Asians > white to be a victim
      • Leads to psychological harm, fear, under protected (Steven Lawrence)  situational crime prevention
    • Offending
      • 3% of population to 31.1% of prison population
      • Blacks 8x more likely to be stopped and searched
      • Police Racism - lead to target search
      • Blacks 3x more likely than white to get a caution BUT may not as less evidence - trail severe sentence but more jury
    • MURRAY - R.Realist - inadequate socialisation amongst some ethnic groups, high proportion of single families
    • LEA & YOUNG - L.Realist - stats reflect real diff in levels of offending, relative deprivation and marginalisation (high level of unemployment, poverty)
    • MACPHERSON - interactionism - institutional racism within the police force, stop and search (police can use this power if they have reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing


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