Ethnicity and crime

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  • Ethnicity and crime
    • Statistics
      • Black people make up 3.3% of the English + Welsh popu but...
        • Make up 8.3% of arrests and 13.5% of prison population
      • Statistics are not always representative
      • Only 29% of reported crimes in 2013-14 were solved
    • Trends
      • Bowling and Phillips = police racism creates higher suspicion of black people
        • Macphearson report found the police to be institutionally racist.
      • The court system has been accused of automatically favouring white middle class defendants
      • Hall et al = black youth have been a scapegoat to distract society
        • Moral panic = back muggings in 1970s
      • Gilroy = ethnic minorities may use crime to fight against inequalities they face in society.
      • Left realists say that relative deprivation and marginalisation are more common in EM so are more likely to form criminal subcultures
    • Victims of crime
      • EM housing is more at risk than other households
      • They are more likely to be mugged than white people
      • More likely to be victims of vehicle theft
      • Mixed ethnic groups are more likely to be victims than black or Asian groups
      • Racially motivated crimes
      • Intra-ethnic = criminal and victims are of the same ethnicity
      • Ethnic minority's are more likely to be worried about crime than white people
        • They have less faith in the police and the  criminal justice system


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