Ethical Theories: War and Peace

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  • Ethical Theories: War and Peace
    • Pacifism
      • the belief that war and violence are unjustifiable and that all disputes should be settled peacefully.
    • Pacificism
      • beliief that war and violence are only justifiable in defence of vunerable and defenceless people.
    • Just War Theory
      • the belief that to resort to violence or war is justified if it meets certain criteria.
        • Jus in Bello-justice of conduct during war
          • Civilans in war
          • Proportionality
          • Untitled
        • Jus ad Bellum-justice resorting to war
          • Right intention
          • Just cause
          • Last resort
          • Lawful authortiy
          • Likelihood of Success
        • Jus post Bellum- justice after war
    • Militarism
      • the belief that a country should maintain a strong miliitary capability and be prepared to use it aggressive


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