Ethical Issues with EWT Research

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  • Ethical Issues with EWT Research
    • Right to Withdraw
      • During statements pps should be able to withdraw at any time if they are uncomfortable
      • Also should have right to withdraw testimony after experiment.
    • Consenting
      • Give informed consent before experiment.
      • Should be fully aware of the testimony they have to give.
      • If the event witnessed was distressing they should be aware they will have to give account on this.
      • Researcher may not inform pps they study os based on EWT if they feel it will affect results.
    • Deception
      • Researcher may deceive on the aim of testing reliability of EWT to raise validity.
      • Should be kept to a minimum and pps should be fully debriefed after.
    • Protection from Harm
      • Studies may be distressing for example watching car crash clips if they are graphic.
      • Researcher can protect from harm if they inform pps of the EWT they will give.
      • Once pps are done giving EWT they are to be fully debriefed.


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