Testing and Evaluating Data

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  • Data Checks
    • A method of checking if data is correct or not
    • Boundary Data
      • Imposed by a range check, meaning it can only exist properly between a certain boundary.
        • Eg. Selecting between 1-10
    • Normal Data
      • Data that should be accepted by the data check
    • Requirement Checks
      • Tests which ensure that all requirements have been met.
        • Eg. Checking to see if an email address has been entered.
    • Test Data
      • Data entered to ensure that the solution is working correctly.
        • Eg. John Doe, 123 Any Street, London.
    • Test Plan
      • A suite of tests to ensure that the solution is working correctly.
        • Eg. Checking that there are no typos, ensuring that it puts information into the right fields, etc.
    • Evaluation
      • Reviewing what has been achieved, how well it has been achieved and how well it works.
        • If it works, then there are no further issues!
        • If it doesn't work, then why did it not work?


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