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  • equilibrium
    • change in temperature
      • If temperature increases, equilibrium will shift to counteract the change
      • When delta H is negative, equilibrium shifts to the left
      • When delta H is POSITIVE, equilibrium shifts to the RIGHT
    • change in pressure
      • greater moles of GAS = higher pressure
      • If pressure increases, equilibrium will shift to counteract the change
      • the position of equilibrium will move the the side with the LEAST moles of GAS (least pressure)
    • change in concentration
      • Adding more acid increases the concentration of  H+ ions
      • Equilibrium will shift to counteract the effect of increase in H+ ions
      • Position will move the opposite direction to where there was an increase in H+ ions
    • Catalysts
      • have no effect on the position of the equilibrium
      • the equilibrium is reached faster
  • Le Chatelier's Principle States "if a system is subject to a change, the equilibrium shifts to minimise the effect of the change.


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