Chemical Equilibrium

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  • Equilibrium
    • Dynamic equilibrium is the equilibrium that exists in a closed system when the rate of the forward and backward reaction are equal
    • Conditions of Dynamic equilibrium
      • - No observable change but the reaction processes are still in motion.    -when the concentration of products and reactants are constant.           -When the rate of the forward and reverse reactions are equal
    • The position of the equilibrium can be altered by the concentration of the reactants or products, the pressure (in gas reactions), or the temperature
    • Alcohol + Carboxylic acid = Ester + Water
      • N2 + 3H2 = 2NH3
    • A catalyst has no effect on the position of the equilibrium. However, it does increase the rate of both the forward and backward reactions, decreasing the time taken to reach equilibrium.
  • N2 + 3H2 = 2NH3


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