Long Term Memory Types

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  • Long Term Memory Types
    • Procedural
      • Skills and Habits possessed
        • EG. Swimming, riding a bike
      • Implicit
        • Not usually conscious
    • Semantic
      • Type of Declarative
        • Explicit
          • Conscious thoughts required
      • General Knowledge and Facts we know
        • EG. Knowing the capital of a country
    • Episodic
      • Type of Declarative
        • Explicit
          • Conscious thought required
      • Autobiograpical
        • Memory of events with personal meaning
          • EG. where a holiday destination was
        • Flashbulb Memory
          • Vivid memory of an event
            • Often life-changing
              • EG a birth or death
          • From one occasion, lasts a lifetime
      • Experimental
        • Learning a list of words, stored in semantic memory
          • Also related to episode of having to learn for experiment
      • Memories of specific events in ones' life
    • Tulving Study
      • Radioactive gold injected into bloodstream.
        • Participants then had to use semantic or episodic memory
          • Blood flow in brain recorded
      • Front of brain active with episodic memory
        • Back of brain active with semantic memory
          • Supports theory of different memory stores in LTM


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