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  • Enzymes
    • Activation energy
      • Substrate must over come the activation energy to change
      • Enzymes reduce activation energy
    • Factors effecting rate or reaction
      • pH
        • Affects R groups, can be natural, artificial, reversible or irriversible
      • Temperature
        • Higher temp. more kinetic energy, more collisions
        • Higher temperature, more energy to get over activation energy
        • Increases ROR until the optimum, then active sites become denatured
      • Inhibitors
        • Non-competetive
          • Bind to the active site, compeete with substrate
          • If substrate concentrations high enough, ROR will approach normal speed
        • Competetive
          • Bind to the enzyme and change the shape of the active site, reducing enzyme concentration
        • Reduce ROR
      • Substrate concentration
        • Has a peak as active sites become saturated
        • More enzyme substrates can form
    • Models


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