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  • Enzymes
    • catalysts
      • Remain Unchanged
      • Increases the rate of a chemical reaction
      • Enzymes are biological catalysts
        • Found in all living cells
      • Lowers the amount of energy needed to make a reaction proceed
    • Structure
      • Globular Proteins
      • Made in the ribosomes of cells
      • Consists of one or more polypeptide chains folded together
      • Only able to work on one type of substrate
        • Specific
        • complementry
        • Lock and key
    • Act within the cell - introcelluar
    • Exported from the cell - Extrocelluar
    • How it works
      • Joins the substrate in a temporary way to form an enzyme-substrate complex.
      • The end product becomes detached and free to combine with another substrate
      • Breakdown of complex to simple = degradation
      • Build up of complex from simple = synthesis


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