Enzyme Action

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  • Enzyme Action
    • Catalysts
      • Biological catalysts, catalyse metabolic reactions
      • Can affect structures (e.g. production of collagen) and functions (e.g. respiration) in an organism
      • Enzyme action can be intracellular (inside cells) /extracellular (outside cells)
      • Proteins
      • Have an active site with a specific shape
      • Substrate binds to active site
      • Highly specific due to tertiary structure
    • Activation energy
      • Enzymes lower activation energy
      • Reaction can happen at lower temperature
      • Speeds up ROR
      • When substrate binds to active site, enzyme-substrate complex formed
    • Induced Fit Model
      • Enzyme genral shape
      • Substrate similar shape to active site
      • Enzyme moulds to shape of substrate
      • Alters bonds in active site
    • Properties
      • Usually only catalyse one reaction
      • Only one complementary substrate will fit active site
      • Shape of active site determined by tertiary structure
      • Shape of active site will change if tertiary structure altered. Substrate won't fit, E-S complex not formed
      • Tertiary structure altered by changes in pH or temperature
      • Primary structure determined by gene. Mutation could result in change in tertiary structure


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